PolyEthylene yard signs and stakes for the security and alarm industries.

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We offer 4 different styles of yard signs - PolyEthylene, Sintra, Coroplast & Polymetal.

Our Favorite for Canadian Winters: .055 PolyEthylene
PolyEthylene is a great material for Canadian winters. This high-density plastic is reasonably priced, and withstands the coldest temperatures. It will not crack, or break easily in cold weather, is UV resistant and non-yellowing. 3-6 year longevity, depending on print technology. Easily Recyclable, #2. Price List

Sintra: 3mm.
Sintra is the best looking material. It has a beautiful satin finish, and lies flat. It is withstands cold and heat very well, but can be brittle at very cold temperatures. 3-6 year longevity, depending on print technology.
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Coroplast: 4mm
Coroplast is a very economical option, with a 2 year longevity. It is a corrugated/fluted plastic. Can be mounted easily with inexpensive wire stakes.
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Polymetal: 3mm
Polymetal has an aluminum surface on both sides and a resin core, creating a very durable, but higher cost sign option. More frequently used for permanent building signage than for customer's premise signs, due to the higher cost.
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Aluminum Stakes with Ultra-bond adhesive
Our 36" aluminum stakes come with an Ultra-bond UV resistant double-sided adhesive tape along the full length of the sign contact area. This industrial adhesive is a permeated foam tape, that can expand up to three times its thickness without losing any of its bonding ability. This adhesive is perfect for cold & hot temperature changes. This tape is more reliable than screwing signs to a post since it can't loosen. We have tested samples that are 5 years old and still showing no signs of losing their grip. Much easier for your installers too! Comes with a black end-cap:
$3.55 per stake with sign purchase.

Coroplast Wire Stakes.
We carry galvanized wire stakes that fit inside the flutes of coroplast. We carry 25" single stakes, you need 2 per sign: Only $0.40 ea. An alternative for larger signs are 10"x30" ladder style, H-frame stakes: $1.10 ea.